Installation and Configuration of pfSense

by Ritesh

Posted on September 18, 2017 at 7:30 PM

pfSense - The Open Source Firewall

If you wish to install pfSense on Virtual machine, select the downloaded the community edition pfsense iso. Else write the iso file in a CD for physical machine deployment. Install pfSense Step1

Install pfSense Step2

Accept the default console environment settings. Install pfSense Step3

Select the default Quick/easy install option. Install pfSense Step4

easyinstall pfSense Step5

Select : Install the standard kernel
easyinstall pfSense Step6

Finally Reboot.
First time reboot post installation Step7


Change Hostname:
System > General SetUp. Alter the Timezone under Localization

Change Default password:
The default username is admin and password is pfsense. Change the password : System > User Manager > Actions