Fedora Linux 11 on VMWare

by Ritesh [from archives of my lost domain www.riteshmandal.com]

Posted on June 27, 2009 at 6:30 PM

Assuming you know something about VMware and Linux already.

I am using VMware server console and install Fedora 11. I am not using a physical CD or DVD but instead using Fedora DVD ISO image as installation source.

File > New > Virtual Machine.

Select Typical Settings (That's what we do always!). Click Next.  

We are about to install Fedora 11, that's not in the List , so select RHEL 4. Click Next

Select the operating system to be installed

Change the Virtual machine name (if you want or keep the default name) and Select a Location for the Virtual machine. Click Next.

Disk Creation starts

Creating and formatting Disc

Now the Virtual Hard Disk is formatted and ready for the installation. The Virtual Machine Boot screen appears. 'Start this virtual machine' under the Commands section when clicked will boot the virtual machine. Now will install Fedora 11 in this virtual Disk. Since I don't have a Fedora DVD with me I am going to use a Fedora DVD ISO image. To install operating system from an ISO image Click 'Edit virtual machine settings'   

Virtual machine control panel

Click on CD-ROM to edit the settings. The default setting is set as Auto detect, and using physical drive as CD ROM. Change the setting and select 'Use ISO image' and then Click browse to set the Fedora ISO image. Don't change Virtual device node. Click 'OK'.

Use ISO image to boot

Virtual machine will boot and utilize the ISO image. Keep the default 'Install or upgrade an existing system' to install.

Bootloader screen

Installation of Fedora will start.

Keep on clicking 'Next' till you reach the screen which asks to select the Disk partition to use. Now you doesn't seem to go anywhere from here because there isn't any Disk partition available !. Clicking next will result in an error message - No Drives Found . An error has occurred - no valid devices were found on which to create new file systems.

No Disc available in virtual machine


No Disk Partition is visible during Linux installation on VMware ? its IDE SCSI mismatch.

The fedora installation will not proceed because we did something wrongly while creating Virtual Disk partition in the second step. The reason why it happens is that Fedora requires an IDE Disk to install while the typical Virtual machine configuration in VMware creates a SCSI Virtual Disk. The next steps shows one easy way to handle this situation.


Go back to 2nd step while we created Virtual Disk by selecting Typical settings. Select Custom settings here. This will provide us an option to create IDE virtual Disk.

Select if you want the virtual machine be accessible only to you. Just unselect if you are not sure.

Startup/Shutdown options - Keep default setting.

Disk creation will start and complete. Select single processor in next screen, Keep the default in Select I/O Adaptors type (if not sure).

When Select a Disk Type screen appears just select IDE though it recommends SCSI.

Rest of the steps remain same and when you reach the Disk partition , you will get to see Disk partition to use to install Fedora 11

Disc available in virtual machine