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Webhosting involves setting up a Webserver and a little knowledge of networking.

What we need :

1. Setting up a Webserver

2. A static IP address

3. Broadband, DSL or Cable internet connection for speed.

3. Port forwarding

4. Webserver security tips

1. Setting up a Webserver: Select a Decent machine and set up a webserver you like. It doesn’t mean that you have to purchase a server class high end machine but you definitely need a reliable machine because your webserver is going to online continuously. Configure your webserver at port 80. Assign an IP address to the computer; by default there may not be any IP address assigned to the computer (eg. if it is not a part of any LAN. If your computer is already having an IP address check whether the IP address is provided by DCHP. DCHP addresses are not permanent and might change (so fix it).

2. A static IP address: A fixed IP address needs to be purchased from your internet service provider. A static IP address is an unique IP address and is required to recognise your computer among all the webservers present in the wild cyberspace. A static IP address might cost something around 1500 INR per month.

3. Broadband, DSL or Cable internet connection for speed: Dialup connection is slow and might be frustrating for the users of your website; invest in a fast internet connection with sufficient bandwidth.

3. Port forwarding: A port is a "logical" connection place. Every port is assigned a number. Port numbers are from 0 to 65536. Out of this ports port 80 is reserved for www-http, which is our port of concern. By default your LAN doesn't know which computer houses the webserver. The identification is done by a procedure called port forwarding. Your static IP provider can help you with the port forwarding. They might ask you whether you want your static IP address to be configured to any computer or the router they provided; its better to have it in the router. The next step is to forward your port 80 to the I.P. address of your webserver (

nat with port

To be continued ..........

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