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PHP : Coolest OOP


PHP : Not sure whether its Hypertext Preprocessor or Pre-Hypertext processing or just something else. But its definitely a complete replacement of Microsoft ASP. PHP is a open source server scripting language and was initially meant to run on Linux servers (again open source) but it is now possible to use it over other platforms including Windows. PHP can be set up easily with any existing webserver with little expertise. The best thing about Open source softwares is that multiple support groups and forums exists over web which answers almost every queries we might have.

PHP generally runs on a web server, taking PHP code as its input and creating Web pages as output.

Installation : We for understanding will consider installing and configuration with Apache as webserver.
1. Make sure Apache is configured already.
2. Unzip or untar the binary in a folder.
3. Windows version comes as EXE installer. Make necessary changes in the php.ini file. Copy php.ini in C:/Windows or C:/WINNT folder. Remember to change the register globals to "On"  in php.ini else your forms will not work properly (forget the security warning for now!).
4. For Linux : Most Linux distros come with Apache and PHP , which can be installed while Linux installation (or later from CD) itself. Otherwise try the following : Check whether php is preinstalled : rpm -q php, if PHP is preinstalled and you like to install the latest remove dependencies using rpm - e php --nodeps  and then proceed further. The downloaded PHP may come as something like php-5.0.3.tar.bz2 . untar it to a folder and USE : make and make install.

Check your PHP installation : Using text editor type the following and save it in the html directory of Webserver with extension (e.g. check.php) 

phpinfo() ;


PHP info

Resources : www.php.net | GUI Applications : PHP-GTK

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