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Ritesh Mandal Dr.

SAS : Statistical Analysis System


SAS / SAS programming in Drug development industry : This tool is used primary by Clinical Trial Statisticians to analyse the data as per the statistical analysis plan (SAP).

Industry guidelines associated with Statistics / SAS :

1) 21 CRF Part 11

2) E9 - Statistical Principles for clinical trials

3) E3 - Structure and content of Clinical study reports

4) E6 - GCP

FDA needs the data sets to be sent in XPORT file format. They also accept xml (CDISC) files

Lets start with few basics of SAS :

Import external data from a file

PROC IMPORT datafile= "D:\Documents and Settings\Ritesh\import_something.csv" out=portblair /* This is output Dataset name */ dbms=csv /* Specifies the type of input data > like - csv , access , excel , tab */ replace; /* Replace is used to overwrite the Dataset everytime. */ getnames=yes; datarow=2; /* Ignores the first row with labels */ run;

DBMS options in proc import : See the SAS help documentation for complete list

ODS - Output Delivery system

Generate PDF

ods pdf file='D:\Documents and Settings\Ritesh\Desktop\riteshmandal.pdf' style =brick ; PROC PRINT DATA=Page1 (obs=5); TITLE 'MY FIRST PDF';RUN;ods pdf close;
Generate HTML
ods html file='D:\Documents and Settings\Ritesh\Desktop\riteshmandal.htm' (url=none) style=minimal; PROC PRINT DATA=Page1; TITLE 'HTML OUTPUT from SAS';RUN;ods html close;
Generate RTF
ods rtf file='D:\Documents and Settings\Ritesh\Desktop\riteshmandal.rtf' style=minimal; proc print data=Page1; title 'SAS generates RTF';run;ods html close;



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