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Ritesh Mandal Dr.
      PHC Tugapur , North Andaman

      Primary Health Centre Tugapur

PHC Tugapur was my first posting as Medical Officer while working at Andaman/Nicobar Administration (Feb 2004). The stay here was very boring with nowhere to go nearby and very little work to do even as a single doctor posted here. The telephone line rarely connected to Port Blair and internet connectivity was a distant dream (I have heard they have fixed the connectivity issues- but its hard to believe till I see that). The daily OPD strength was below 50 patients and 6-7 inpatients on an average (I sometimes wondered why have they made this beautiful PHC building here and wasted govt. money). The PHC building I was told is a model building for all the future upcoming Primary Health Centers at Andaman & Nicobar Islands.

      PHC Tugapur , North Andaman  
      PHC Tugapur

Believe it or not but this is a Primary Health center at Andamans !
      PHC Tugapur ,
                                                 North Andaman  
      Hanspuri Visit with Staff

Hanspuri is a small segregated village under coverage area of PHC Tugapur. Since Hanspuri is not easily accessible by Land, taking a mechanised boat from Mayabunder is an option.  The bridge (Austin Bridge - connecting Middle and South Andaman) seen in the background is no more in the same shape after Tsunami of 26/12/04.

                      The first visit to this place with PHC staff was fun, but the fun soon vanished after looking at the pathetic state of the primary care SubCentre that existed at this place. The SubCentre was looked after by a untrained local helper whose qualification to dispense drugs was beyond my understanding. The removal of expired drugs and documents took hours. God! in this cyber age people still live without electricity. 

      Life of an independent Doctor : Ritesh  
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