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15th August
Journey to Katchal
My favourite beach

Lonely beach

Havelock is a beach Island infact and this part is my favorite. No this is not the famous Radhanagar beach. If you happen to live at Chennai or Mumbai compare neatness with Marina or Juhu / Band stand

 Boat Approaching The Havelock Jetty

Boat at 9.30 am

Boat arriving from Port Blair with passengers at Havelock jetty. Its a 2 hrs journey from Port Blair City. These boats are the lifeline of Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

 Medical officers vehicle

My Legs at Havelock

Medical Officer's vehicle at Havelock marketplace. This vehicle is unforgettable because this is the first one I started driving individually.

 Dolphin resort

Tall trees : Radhanagar Beach Havelock

Huge trees add beauty to the Beach. Compare the vehicle with the trees.

Photographs : Ritesh Mondal ,  HAVELOCK   October 2004  © www.riteshmandal.com


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