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Havelock PPI
Dolphin resort  

Dolphin Resort at Havelock

A walk along the beach in the evening was always refreshing after a hectic day.

 Radha Nagar beach Havelock

Radhanagar beach at      havelock

The "Time" once mentioned it as one of the finest beach in Asia. Personally I have never seen a fantastic beach ever before.

 Dolphin Resort reception  

Dolphin resort reception

The Dolphin resort is govt. owned. Well.. "Dolphin" is just a name it has nothing to do with dolphins. I never saw dolphins near Havelock, though they are visible near North Andaman.

 Radhanagar beach and shallow waters

Radhanagar beach during low tide

Typical low tide view at beach. The beach was a 13 km drive from my govt. residence. Note the shallow beach !

Photo: Dr. Ritesh Mondal ,  Katchal Dated : September 2005  © www.riteshmandal.com