Pulse Polio Immunization at Havelock

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Pulse Polio at Havelock

Mothers with their under 5 kids at the krishnanagar Sub-centre to get the polio drops.

All incoming sources on the Sunday

Looking out for kids

Boat arriving from Port Blair with passengers being scanned for under 5 kids. Most Home tourists were surprised at our Govt. coverage to the PPI and readily welcomed the magic drops! but to my surprise I also found few parents from the Indian Metros and so called affluent cities who refused the immunization. Educated fools are in plenty in our country .

 HL 7 School booth

Havelock 7 Primary School, PPI booth

All kids for drops

Photo: Dr. Ritesh Mondal ,  Havelock  February 2005  © www.riteshmandal.com