Katchal : More of the Destruction

Katchal - Andaman & Nicobar Islands : The post tsunami pictures

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15th August
Mid sea Drama
Erosion at Katchal (Kupinga)

The Kupinga Erosion :

Constant quakes has hastened the process of erosion.

Kupinga Danger - Nicobar Islands

Look where are they sitting ?
Hospital Staff's Pradip (Ophthmalmic Asstt.) and Sabio (M. Nurse) enjoying the tree shade !. The tree was absent after 1 month when we re-visited.

  Marine Corner ; katchal ; Nicobar Islands

Marine Area - Katchal
This area now covered by sea , was once a colony inhabited by Govt. employees particularly Teachers, Electricity and Marine Deptt. officials. Tsunami waves swept everybody and everything here.

Jhoola Village Katchal - Nicobar Islands

Jhoola Village - Katchal

Photo: Dr. Ritesh Mondal ,  MO/IC  Katchal , Nicobar Islands  Dated : August 2005  © www.riteshmandal.com

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