An idea of the devastation at Katchal

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15th August
Mid sea Drama
Katchal Roads after tsunami 

Rough Ride:

Few patches of road is left along the coastline of katchal. The shops and buildings along the road is missing!. Few coconut trees managed to survive.

 House of God even not spared 

Church at Kapanga

Kapanga was the local headquarter of Katchal Island. No one dare to live here now because of the frequent earthquakes and vicinity to the sea.

 Tsunami effect at katchal

Horror at Kapanga
Kapanga once a beautiful village of Katchal is now abandoned. Only few monkeys could be seen looking out for edibles. Note the reddish object in the photograph, thats a state transport Bus upside down into the jungle!

 beachside Naked trees at Katchal

Deadly waves of Tsunami
Note the tall trees along the beach, They are naked i.e without leaves at top that provides a fair idea of the height of the waves that swept everything at Katchal.

 Kapanga Katchal Temporary Jetty 

Telephone booth!
Once a well populated pocket in Katchal , Kapange now looks like a war torn village.
         Interestingly I had to drive to this place often to make phone calls to my parents. This part of the Island is nearer to Nancowry Island (Nancowry is privileged with BSNL mobile phone coverage). After hunting for a while for the mobile signal I was able to place phone calls ! . On unlucky days even after hunting for hours the signals were never available !

Photo: Dr. Ritesh Mondal ,  MO/IC  Katchal , Nicobar Islands  Dated : August 2005  ©

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