Katchal : The worst Tsunami affected Island

Three Camps : Meenakshi RamNagar, Japan Tikrey and EWall

The huts at all relief camps have the same structure. All the structure of hut is built out of galvanized tin sheets. These huts were erected as an immidiate relief measure and were supposed to be replaced with permanent houses. This photographs were taken in Nov 05 i.e. about 1 year of Tsunami but where is the permanent structures ?.

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15th August
Mid sea Drama
Odomos distribution in relief camps at katchal  

Odomos distribution at Katchal relief camps. Who need them ?

Lots of goods supplied by NGO's but very difficult to put into use. For most NGO's purchasing articles and blowing trumpets over Media is all what matters . Many of the articles provided is good for nothing.

 life is beautiful

Life is beautiful

Flowers blooming at relief camps.

 Future ?  

Survived Tsunami - what's future ?

Photo: Dr. Ritesh Mondal ,  at Katchal , Nicobar Islands  Dated : September 2005  © www.riteshmandal.com

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