Destruction by Killer waves at Katchal

Katchal Destruction

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15th August
Mid sea Drama
Traces of the concrete buildings at katchal 

Buildings traces:

The building seen (far) in the photograph was once a bank.

  Temporary Jetty at Katchal

Temporary Jetty at Kapanga Katchal

The temporary jetty is put in place to resume essential supplies at Katchal. The small boats plying between Nancowry and Katchal are able to berth at this jetty depending on the tides.

  Uprooted tree 

The lonely tree telling the story.
Once tightly bound the ground this lifeless tree is still standing.

  Medical Colony

The medical colony
Once these govt. quarters were part of a Medical colony ( PHC staff quarters). Due to relatively high location the debris is atleast traceable.

  The monkeys at katchal 

The monkey story
A monkey obstructing the road with a metal chair!. Except Katchal monkeys are not visible in any other Islands in the Union Territory. They are also facing extinction after tsunami.

Photo: Dr. Ritesh Mondal ,  MO/IC  Katchal , Nicobar Islands  Dated : August 2005  ©